Youtube Service

YCYL is a complete end to end solutions provider in the field of digital marketing and to this effect offers best in class social media management for YouTube accounts of esteemed clients. The YouTube social media management services of YCYL include dopy writing scripts for videos that are keyword optimized, relevant to the business model and revenue model of our clients, cinematography to showcase products, services, events, places associated with business, video testimonials of stakeholders, video editing, posting of videos on YouTube and link building based on measurement of key result areas and performance metrics of digital marketing. At YCYL we combine the craft of video making with the science of digital marketing to produce videos of astounding quality. We work with some of the biggest brands in the business verticals of ecommerce, e-tail, tourism, manufacturing, heavy engineering, software and IT, real estate, hospitality, education and many others to manage their YouTube profiles and provide them with great business development, branding and positioning campaigns. With the kind of people that we have in our team, we have dedicated resources for YouTube video profile management and maintenance so that our clientele get the maximum number of views, likes, comments and recommendations to direct traffic to the clients' websites. We leverage the power of viral marketing through YouTube to provide them with a great window of opportunity to announce their arrival in the market. With the best possible integration of people, technology, digital marketing experience and expertise, we promise our clients that their brands will hog the limelight for sure.

Want Your Brand to be The Talk of the Town? YouTube Can Help?

Being the talk of the town may not be important to the saints but is very much so to the sinners. Business is the ultimate conglomeration of sinners of all kinds. Out of sight is out of mind. In sight is in. What is beyond sight is not just out of the market. It does not even make a space for itself in the museum of Jurassic Park. Brands that do not scorch the screens of users are doomed to die. Brands that take the eyes of users for granted and further do not make any deliberate attempts to win the eyes of their users are akin to barbequing themselves and earning the badges of corporate dinosaurs. YouTube is not a luxury. YouTube is a necessity in digital marketing and beyond.

While the classic marketers are likely to compare the televised appeal of advertisements to YouTube in terms of business value, the metrics speak for themselves and thus bring the debate, if any at all, to its justified climax. The cost parameters of telecast and streaming, the costs of TV commercial production and those on YouTube are as different as chalk and cheese.

Plus, the power of link building and sharing raises the effectiveness and efficiency levels of YouTube way beyond the reach of televised content! After all trash heavy metal makes noise but can never set the temperature soaring high as jazz and blues! Hit the right notes. Explode on YouTube. Break the internet!