Social Advertising Service

YCYL, the top of the line PPC services company in India offers best in industry social advertising services to clientele to enable them leverage the power of customer outreach, promotion and advertising on popular social media like Twitter and Facebook to drive brand messaging, augment brand potential, enhance user engagements, strike conversations on offering solutions to customer challenges through their products and services and build communities of followers to build brand loyalty. To this extent YCYL delivers best social advertising services with an aim to increase brand awareness, recognition and recall, higher brand competence building to leverage premium pricing, engage new prospects based on visible evidence of user interest and analytics, rationalize costs of advertising through lower cost per acquisitions (CPAs) and improved customer insights for better and more customer centric corporate decision making of executives and CIOs.

Why Brands Must Leverage Social Advertising?

In the new age of digital marketing, connected users, communities and brands come together to reshape customer journeys, customer experiences and thus, experiential marketing. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook enable brands and marketing teams of client corporate enterprises to redefine brand messaging with user focused, centric and participative techniques that allow a transition of brand ownership from corporate enterprises to buyers. This explains the higher effectiveness and returns on investment for social advertising than traditional brick and mortar, electronic and print media advertising spends by brands. A well curated and brand specific social advertising strategy for both B2B and B2C brands is possible and evident on social media platforms. While delivering higher, deeper and wider penetration of brand messaging, social media advertising offers significant cost advantages over traditional and search advertising.

Why Choose YCYL for Social Advertising Services?

YCYL, the best PPC services company in India has a proven record of experience and expertise of having worked with the best in the business from a wide spectrum of corporate enterprises belonging to diverse size, scale, geography and product group categories and thus is strategically well placed to deal with brand and business specific requirements of social advertising effectiveness, budgeting, technology and returns on investment for clientele. YCYL combines cutting edge technological expertise with the marketing acumen of professional content marketers, advertisers and producers of engaging copy writers to script brand narratives that strike a chord with the target audience and produce the best results of sales conversions at lower costs of customer acquisitions. Our business philosophy of maintaining process discipline and transparent pricing based on performance driven metrics means that clients pay for results not efforts. Our novelties in social advertising include but are not limited to the following:

  • Contemporary advertisement formats for personalized brand messaging.
  • Insights from analytics.
  • Best keyword research and competitor analysis.
  • Data based targeting of users based on buyer persona .
  • Unorthodox strategy making for increased leads and sales.
  • Customer outreach using similar audience targeting for higher scalability.