SEO Copywriting: Top the SERP by Aligning Content with Google & Bing

YCYL is a premier SEO company in India offering dedicated SEO copywriting services to clients across geographies and industry verticals. Widely regarded and ranked among the best content writing services companies in India, we offer state of the art SEO copywriting services to clients to enable them achieve excellence in marketing and advertising products, services, brands and corporate image on the online media platforms through SEO content that is written exclusively for them.

As a content writing agency in India we have seen the technological and economic landscape evolve around us in geographies across the world. We offer SEO content writing services to clients across the world to resolve challenges of marketing and advertising by executing the most important function of content on the online media: achieving high Search Engine Page Result appearance on top search engines like Google and Bing.

Why SERP is Important to B2C & B2B Segments?

We are a digital marketing company that offers end to end services for online marketing. This mandates us to incorporate a multitude of services and identities. SEO copywriting is a service offering that we deliver to a vast plethora of clientele and has been one of the key drivers of our growth in the digital marketing industry. To this extent we believe that in the era of Web 3.0 it is strategic imperative to have not just a moderate but a very strong online presence and a top SERP ranking.

Thus our rationale for SEO copywriting is premised on the paradigm of the following reasons:

  • Generating high traffic on the website
  • Creating opportunities of business development
  • Informing the target audience of products and services
  • Convincing the target audience of products and services
  • Reminding the target audience of products and services
  • Offering affordable online marketing alternatives to MSME

Why Choose YCYL for SEO Copywriting Services?

While there are technical jargons that are used by our peers in the industry to explain the technical reasons behind the importance of SERP we take a different approach.

We are a digital marketing company and none the less a business consulting company and not a technology consulting company. Our business is not to create and sell technology but to leverage search engine results page (SERP) ranking to achieve bread and butter goals for our clients. This is what we do for B2C and B2B segments.

For the B2C segment it is important to realize that decisions of online purchases of end users and intermediaries in the value chains globally depends on impulse buying and thus what stays in sight is in the mind and vice versa. Thus a high SERP ranking on Google and Bing search engines provides an enrolment route for the prospect to enter the system of your business enterprise.

Further the B2B segment that seldom relies on the web for industrial marketing it is important to announce their arrival in the market globally for the sake of investor information availability and to win investor confidence. In the era of shareholder value maximization and perfect mobility of capital on the stock markets, a high SERP ranking is a route to register investors into the business enterprise and drive market capitalization from all corners of the global economy on the internet.