Search Advertising Service

YCYL, the best PPC service company in India offers top of the line search advertising services to clientele across industry verticals hailing from different geographies. YCYL enables brands augment its search potential to convert traffic building into closed deals for higher sales volumes and revenues. YCYL enables brands deploy sponsored digital marketing strategies for promotion and advertising on search engines to complement organic marketing initiatives aimed at boosting brand visibility, traffic building and most importantly the conversion of such traffic into buyers of products and services by leveraging paid search engine based on exhaustive data science and the most user friendly content marketing. In doing so YCYL deploys best in industry techniques, tools and people that bring together a proportionate combination of cutting edge digital marketing technologies, astute data science understanding and creative acumen of the best copy writers to script paid advertisements that are distributed across the platforms of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Baidu. The company establishes and defines target marketing objectives for brands such as lead generation, business call generation, mobile application installations and ecommerce sales to navigate the direction of PPC and paid digital marketing spend y brands from outcome based budgeting to outlay based budgeting, thereby enabling them to match marginal costs of search advertising spend to returns on investment.

YCYL Creates Value for Brands with Performance Driven Search Advertising Services

Traditional marketing jargon among clientele refers to search advertising by the lingua franca of Paid Search, SEM, and PPC, etc. YCYL enables brands and business executives of client enterprises beat competition by moving a step ahead of the jargon by offering a credible evidence based approach to verifying achievable marketing gaols against additional marketing outlay dedicated to running brand campaigns on search engines and social media to augment lead generation of the highest quality and channelize the flow of traffic towards result oriented actionable behaviour from buyers. This translates into higher numbers of closed deals, higher head counts of buyers, higher clearance of inventories of products and SKUs from the shelves of ecommerce portals, higher sales volumes and finally higher revenues and profits for corporate enterprises and their brands.

While YCYL operates on a value based model by focusing on parameters of quality, process discipline, customer centric behaviour and responsiveness to client challenges, the leading digital marketing services company also enables brands and client corporate enterprises to rationalize costs by:

  • procuring higher number of reliable and high quality leads with enhanced probability of converting into transactions
  • reducing cost per customer acquisition (CPA)
  • increased revenue streams from product categories at lower offline marketing spend

Why Choose YCYL for Search Advertising Campaign Management ?

YCYL has proven experience and expertise at managing affordable budgets for MSME brands and big spending accounts for blue chip corporations. The company’s search advertising campaign management includes:

  • audience targeting on the basis of geographical location, social and economic parameters, buyer behaviour and demographic factors.
  • keyword mapping and use of data science to explore insights on search patterns of users, buyer persona and product lifecycle stages.
  • dynamic search advertisements aimed at higher clicks and conversions
  • call tracking for better buyer retention and acquisition
  • URL tagging
  • CRM integration with website automation tools
  • efficient account structuring customized to meet brand specific requirements
  • trending optimization strategies