Responsive Design Service

YCYL is a complete website design agency in India and offers great responsive design services to its clients for mobile friendly websites. As a complete digital marketing services company YCYL has been integrate the best offerings of web design services and offers dedicated and customized services for responsive design services for clientele to laser focus on making their websites completely mobile friendly and optimizing the user interface of their website for a great mobile experience. As a web development company in India we are part of a competitive industry that has evolved from the predominance of web to the use of mobile phones. The growth and penetration of the smart phone segment allows companies and enterprises across the world to reach out to their target audience on the most personalized device, i.e. the smart phone. The advent of the smart phone enables companies to seek business opportunities on the mobile platform. Despite wide differences in the smart phone markets across the global economy to explore mobile commerce opportunities like never before.

The Challenges of Mobile Commerce and the Solutions of Responsive Design

The ability of corporations and business enterprises to leverage the mobile commerce platform depends on the extent to which they can optimize their website design and content for compatibility with the smart phone design features. Smart phones typically offer a smaller screen size, lesser manoeuvring capabilities on the keyboard and a vertical orientation that offer a unique user interface. As such it may also remembered here that the processing speeds of smart phones though on the up recently are still slow as compared to desktops and hence the loading time of a website is greater for smart phones than on the desktops. Add to it the global differences in the internet surfing and downloading speeds, and there is a challenge that has to be addressed first before seeking business growth options on the different mobile platforms like Android, IOS, BBM and Windows. Thus there is a strong business case in favour of hiring a website design company with dedicated capabilities to handle the challenges of responsive design.

Why Responsive Design Makes Business Sense?

Design thinking is not about how it looks. It is about how it works. Responsive design is mandated by the fact that top search engines like Google in their guidelines and updates for algorithms that drive website rankings on SERP figure in and give due importance to responsive design. As such the use of responsive design is directly proportional to the mobile SEO prospect of a website and created all the more opportunities to engage in mobile commerce. Thus the concept and commissioning of mobile commerce and correspondingly responsive design is important to the following verticals:

  • Ecommerce
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Goods
  • BFSI
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion
  • Travel & tourism
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospitality

Why Choose YCYL for Responsive Design Services?

YCYL offers world class responsive design services while integrating the aspects of user interface and mobile SEO. Being a complete digital marketing agency in India no other firm in the industry understands the complementary relationship among SEO, mobile SEO, responsive design and content like we do.