Product Listing Ads Service

YCYL, the conversion rate optimization agency in India offers top of the line Google product listing advertisement services to a vast plethora of clientele consisting of both MSME and blue chip corporate enterprises belonging diverse geographies. The top digital marketing services company in India offers top of the line Google product listing advertisement services to enable brands sell better and earn higher volumes, revenues and margins. To this extent the company offers comprehensive Google shopping campaigns that attract users leading to high PPC conversion rates with Google Product Listing Ads that appear first in search engine results pages to boost brand visibility both on mobiles and personal computing devices like desktops and tablets.

YCYL works with brands of MSME and blue chip corporate enterprises of varying size, scope and scale to offer them streamlined strategies for optimizing product feeds and effective management of merchant centres, crystal clear data based -insights on Google shopping campaign performance and tactics for improvement, growth hacks for visual merchandizing of products through strikingly beautiful and engaging product photography and landing page optimization services for navigation across the customer journey towards closing the sales deal after the user has clicked the advertisement.

Why Pure Ecommerce Portals and CAM Brands Must Deploy Product Listing Ads?

In the traditional jargon of marketing Google Product Listing Ads are referred to as Google Shopping Ads. These advertisements enable ecommerce sites and click and mortar model adopting brands to institute a system to faster time to market, market to order and order to cash by ranking products on top Google search results pages (SERPS). Product Listing Ads deploy product data submitted by the brand through Google Merchant Centre to determine the relative importance of product searches of users as per set algorithms and the specific appearance of a brand on Google Search. Deploying PLA Ads calls for effective campaign management and monitoring of performance metrics from time to time. Though more effective and precise in action than paid search advertising in the category of PPC marketing services, it requires precise observation of performance parameters and meticulous attention to detail.

Why Choose YCYL for Google Product Listing Ad Services?

YCYL, the best conversion rate optimization agency in India has a vast experience and industry recognized expertise of deploying astute data science based monitoring of performance metrics, cutting edge technologies and precise made to order copies of content to drive product listing ads for ecommerce portals and corporate enterprises that follow a click and mortar model. The company takes cognizance of the requirements of e-retailers to formulate winning digital paid advertising campaigns. With a proven competence in Google product listing advertisements management, the company follows process discipline throughout the lifetime of the campaign to improve key parameters like conversion rates, average order values, repeat orders and gross merchandise value that enable ecommerce portals and online retailing brands get the best returns on investment for marketing spend. The set of competencies of YCYL in Google product listing advertising includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Management of accounts of small budgets for MSMEs as well as scaled up e-retailers.
  • Google Merchant Centre deployment and management for large product menus.
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Remarketing
  • Integration of Google product listing advertising with Google search and display advertisements
  • Insights from ecommerce analytics
  • Amazon advertisement campaigns