Pay Per Click Services

YCYL, the best digital marketing services company in India offers top of the line PPC services to clientele to augment performance driven and value based sponsored marketing of their brands to drive traffic building, lead generation, conversion of sales and brand messaging. To this extent YCYL offers top pay per click services to brands of MSME and blue chip corporate clientele from across the world belonging to a vast plethora of industry verticals. The entire spectrum of services rendered by YCYL in the domain of PPC services includes but is not limited to the following.

Search Advertising

YCYL offers top of the line paid search advertising to brands based on meticulous keyword research, data science analysis of traffic, competition and click through rates to augment their search potential and convert brand visibility on search engines facilitated through high search engine results page ranking into lead generation and sales conversion. The bottom line impact created by YCYL justifies the digital marketing outlay invested by brands on sponsored digital marketing and search advertising.

Product Listing Ads:

YCYL works closely with brands that identify with distinct product categories and product groups to put them on the radar of search engines, social media and ecommerce portals to produce high performance product listing advertisements that justify dollar spend on digital product push sales strategies to augment product category based revenue streams through high search results page ranking, social media marketing and product listing optimization on ecommerce portals.

Display Advertising:

YCYL works with top notch industry leading brands hailing from a vast plethora of verticals across geographies to offer them best in class display advertising services as part of its offerings of the PPC domain. Display advertising services enables brands drive brand messaging to achieve awareness, recall and activation to trigger higher sales revenues and online customer queries.


YCYL leverages the power of brand recall by running sponsored advertisements of brands to gain traction with visitors that have visited their websites in the past. Remarketing allows brands to leverage user memory to incentivize their prior website visits to augment user engagement and sales conversions based on the implicit logic that a informed user shall click on an advertisement after having visited the website fully knowing what to expect from the brand.

Email Marketing Services:

YCYL offers streamline and targeted email marketing services to brands to enable them drive brand messaging to inform, convince and remind users of the value proposition offered by them.

Social Advertising:

YCYL offers brands social advertising services as part of its PPC service offerings to enable them engage transact and interact with communities of followers and fans.

Mobile Advertising Services:

YCYL offers best in class mobile advertising services to brands to enable them redefine customer journeys by reaching out to customers on their personal devices. Mobile advertising services from YCYL, the best digital marketing company in India enable brands personalize sponsored content distribution for effective brand activation and messaging.