Mobile Web Design Service

YCYL, the top web design company in India offers dedicated and custom mobile web design with an aim to streamline and optimize websites for mobile use. Being a complete digital marketing company in India, we have invested effort, talent and time into developing core competencies in web design services and evolving along the learning curve to make websites mobile friendly as the global economy experiences a surge in the mobile commerce platform.

Given the fact that operating systems like Android from Google are spreading like raging fire in the emerging economies making it possible for people to pursue internet access on their smart phones, there is an extended opportunity for companies, start up firms and MSMEs to establish a digital connection with the smart phone users and explore every business opportunity. With the advent of mobile commerce we have engaged in learning to optimize the websites of our esteemed clientele for mobile viewing on Android, BBM, Windows and IOS platforms.

We offer best in class mobile web design services to enable clients have great websites that offer a great end user experience on the smart phone and multimedia phone, coupled with a great user interface that is easy to navigate, simple on the eyes and is compatible with the SEO guidelines of Google.

The Business Case for Mobile Web Design

KRAs like traffic, visits, click through rates and completion depend on the extent to which a website is optimized. As such the appearance of a website on SERPs of Google on mobile follows a set of distinct guidelines for mobile SEO that assess the mobile friendliness of the site. As such there are some technical benefits of mobile website design that have business value. These are as follows:

  • Makes it easy for users to share and link content through a single URL
  • Reduces the engineering time required to maintain multiple pages
  • Does not require to redirect the page and thus reduces load time

Google recommends the use of Java script adaptive in the mobile web design of sites. In this configuration, the same URL is used to serve contents like php, CSS, JavaScript and image to all devices. A combined detection is then used that works with the JavaScript on the client website to detect the capabilities of the device to alter the contents as per the device. This is required in view of the fact that the size and orientation of a mobile phone screen is much different from that of a desktop and Mac book. Hence it makes enormous good sense for corporations and business enterprises that aim to tap the segment of mobile phone users to invest in the mobile web design services required for a mobile friendly user interface and optimize their sites for mobile SEO guidelines of Google.

Why Choose YCYL for Mobile Web Design Services?

YCYL offers state of the art mobile web design services to clientele to design their sites at par with the latest and contemporary guidelines of Google for mobile developers of websites. This has the effect of streamlining the design, user interface and also the SERP ranking of the site and fetches better and higher traffic, clicks and visits to the site.