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YCYL, the top website development company in India offers Magento development services to clientele from across the world that are specially dedicated to the cause of resolving challenges of ecommerce website development. Our website development services cater to the custom requirements of ecommerce companies by offering completely reliable, affordable and high quality Magento web development. To this extent as a web development company we offer state of the art services of ecommerce development on the Magento platform for the creation of world class ecommerce websites that are safe, secure, fast, great in terms of user interface, look and feel, easy for installation, and facilitate easy payment gateway integration for online receipts in multiple currencies and through multiple payment gateways. More over we harness the experience and expertise of being a complete digital marketing agency in India and to that extent leverage the competencies of SEO services and SEO friendly website design for the purpose of developing the website running up from the ground with an eye on making it device and platform agnostic for great browsing experience, user interface and navigation. We understand the business value of ecommerce SEO and mobile SEO services and thus deploy the best functionality and plug-in features for SEO friendly website development and design that aids ranking the website on web and mobile.

The Business Case for Magento Development Services

Magento development services are based on the usage of the MySQL relational database management, PHP programming language and elements of the Zend framework. We offer web development services based on all the different version of Mgento including the latest upgrades of Magento Go, Magento 2 and Magento 2 Beta versions. The business case for ecommerce companies to invest in the hiring of a dedicated resource for Magento development services rests on the powerful technical features and functionalities that the platform provides.

The mass customization that Magento supports is truly unrivalled in the domain of ecommerce web development platform. Magento offers powerfurl web templates for scalability meaning that multiple similar looking pages can be created for the ecommerce website thereby offering a distinct and uniform look and feel to the entire website that adds to the branding capabilities of the ecommerce firm and results in better end user learning from the perspective of consumer behaviour. More over the platform offers features for customizing the look and feel and installing add-on features for each page of the website thus resulting in compartmentalization of the entire website.

Why Choose YCYL for Magento Development Services?

YCYL offers state of the art Magento development services. As a complete web development service company in India we offer an entire spectrum of design, development, marketing services, tech support and customer support services over email, phone and Skype, Magento extensions and point of sale (POS) to ecommerce companies. With the trail of experience and expertise in web apps development services we adhere to the commandments of total quality management in our services.