LinkedIn Service

AT YCYL, we offer state of the art LinkedIn profile creation, maintenance and management services for clients who wish to engage in organizational citizenship activities beyond the ordinary. As a social media platform that is exclusively designed for professional networking, power lunch conversations and expanding horizons by linking with dynamic and entrepreneurial professionals from all different business verticals. LinkedIn represents a social media platform that is truly for those who make relationships count in business. LinkedIn allows individuals and organizations to establish their online presence in terms of industry best practices of corporate communication. LinkedIn also enables individuals and enterprises to put their best professional face forward by posting updates, blogs, pictures and videos of what they stand for in terms of their industry presence. YCYL boasts of a team of people from varied backgrounds adept at the skill of harnessing professional relationships on LinkedIn by means of link building, publication and content creation that adheres to SMO principles. We offer best in class LinkedIn profile creation with important milestones, achievements, events and skills or solutions etched in mineral through high quality digital marketing on the timeline. Our LinkedIn blogs are written by the very best of copy writers and published by the experts of digital marketing who understand only what works in business in that trade.

How LinkedIn Creates Business Value for Enterprises?

A corporation in its lifetime engages in conversations and transactions with a multitude of stakeholder groups that include not only customers and clients, but also, investors, employees, partners, affiliates, angel investors or venture capitalists, financial institutions, suppliers, distributors and channel partners who bring value to the table in their own unique way. The holistic picture that is formed by the interaction of a company with all these stakeholders is captured in the LinkedIn profile of a company. Beyond the principles of digital marketing like SMO, affiliate marketing and SEO, the LinkedIn profile of a company or a man is the acute reflection of the values it/he demonstrates in profession and practice. There is simply no other way to interpret the value of LinkedIn profile maintenance. Be it lead generation, new business development, crowd funding or procuring venture capital, LinkedIn does it all and is the epicentre of new business waves.

Why Choose YCYL for LinkedIn Management?

The best deserves the best. If and when an enterprise decides to onboard LinkedIn as an organizational citizen, it takes a decision to present its business face to the world of netizens. At YCYL we have a team of experienced digital marketing professionals who know the technique of improvising LinkedIn to the benefit of business. We offer our expertise of creating, editing and maintaining LinkedIn profiles to the best in the business and help companies build talent pipelines, build an employer brand, and garner customer loyalty and source people through LinkedIn campaigns. Our work speaks for us and our clients who have begun their journey on LinkedIn have never thought of going anywhere else. We take pride in calling ourselves the best in the business. Yes, we do!