Google Plus Service

At YCYL we offer social media management for the Google plus platform with an eye on tapping the enormous potential that it offers. Being the uncrowned king of website rankings and a system in itself Google plus, the social media platform of Google offers a window of social media marketing opportunities to individual and enterprises that is effortless and effective. Given that Google offers an integrated account management system for access to all its applications and platforms, it makes sense to suggest that Google plus offers the easiest way to social media optimization and social media marketing. Since Google plus is bundled with a single Google account, it is till date one of the most effective and yet most understated of all the social media platforms.

At YCYL, we harness the power of keyword planning, competitor analysis, market research and SMO metrics to design a comprehensive Google plus digital marketing strategy that is based on effective keyword optimized content and link building for the purposes of lead generation, new business development, client retention, staying in touch with customers and building traffic into our clients' website. To this extent we offer the most streamlined SMO and SMM content, link building and sharing services on Google plus for business enterprises to reach out their voice to a vast population of people who own and operate a Google account.

Why Choose Google Plus for Social Media Marketing?

As the most powerful search engine Google shapes the movements of website rankings, website traffic and controls Google Adwords for online advertising. Beyond being the controller and gateway to websites of business enterprises, it is what users do to know more-search (Google). Consequently Google plus the extended app for social media becomes an important and integrated component of digital marketing like nothing else. Mass brands that are on the hunt for headcount of customers, new market development, brand awareness, market penetration and active scalable social media engagement stand to benefit from establishing and streamlining their presence on Google plus. It has a tremendously favourable impact on metrics of SEO like clicks, website visits, CTR but also upgrades website ranking. Moreover the interface offered by Google is the most seamless of all social media platforms and is thus suitable for business enterprises that wish to penetrate deep and wide into markets with a high proportion of Android smart phone users for whom Google is the default search engine option. A NASSCOM McKinsey report asserts that 7 out of 10 people in the largest consumer market have a Google (plus) account. Need we say more?

Why Choose YCYL for Google Plus Marketing?

YCYL is a team of experienced digital marketers who have evolved with the adaptations and avatars of Google products and apps. We know the mechanism of all Google apps and services including Google plus on our finger tips. Besides we design, execute and streamline dedicated campaigns for business enterprises on Google plus with seamless ease and enable them grow a community of followers and extend their circles of business.