Facebook Service

At YCYL we offer avant grade Facebook content writing services with the singular aim of converting Facebook fans into customers of our esteemed clients. At YCYL we take cognizance of the immense power of marketing that can be unleashed by means of precise and effective social media management. We work with a diverse population of brands from a plethora of backgrounds to streamline social media management and presence. We work with top of the line brands in business verticals like FMCG, telecom, heavy engineering, real estate, construction, infrastructure management, transport, software, IT, BFSI, FMCD and many more to create, maintain and improvise their social media profiles on Facebook for a multitude of business purposes like lead generation, brand awareness, product launch, market development, customer relationship management, community engagement, corporate communications, Facebook advertising, customer grievance resolution, image management and likes.

Till date we have worked with blue chip corporations, MSME sector units, public sector units and start-up firms of different backgrounds on projects of diverse scopes and capacities. We have a specialized team of people who are capable and experienced at handling Facebook page posting, Facebook profile creation and maintenance with regular updates for customers and people in the business community to stay tuned and updated on the latest that is happening in the enterprise of our esteemed clients. To this extent we compose Facebook updates that are keyword optimized, creative, and catchy and business savvy for prospects to turn into customers. The single point focus of our Facebook content writing services is to optimize the Facebook presence of our esteemed clients so as to favourably affect the website traffic, generate leads, create opportunities for new business development, consolidation of relationship with existing customers and upgrading the website performance from the perspective of SMO and SEO.

Why Facebook Page and Profile Management is Important to Your Business?

With a population of active users that is larger than the combined population of China and India, Facebook offers the ultimate interface between corporations and their customers on the web. Given the sporadic economic growth of the BRCIS nations (that includes China: the manufacturing unit of the world and India: the largest consumer market in the world), Facebook enables corporations to stay in touch, connect, learn, remind and advertise. The technological drivers of smart phone revolutions and apps development are aiding Facebook as the most preferred media of more than one million business enterprises, non government organizations, not for profit institutions and communities of people. Even in the remotest of corners of the global economy where satellite television and print media fail to make an impact because of technological, geographic and linguistic barriers, Facebook content writing services are the ultimate marketing artillery for business enterprises and communities. Plus Facebook brings to the table the freshness of "user generated content" where customers own the conversation and thus feel brand ownership like never before.

Why Should You Choose YCYL for Facebook Writing Services?

You do not choose Facebook. Facebook chooses you. At YCYL we understand that Facebook has the power of the most varied forms of communication. Consequently we do not write for Facebook. We compose content in all forms like text, pictures, videos, audio and info graphics like animation for Facebook page and profile management. We are a team of people who eat, sleep and drink Facebook like others but in addition to that know the science of gaming the system to the advantage of business based on SMO. You do not have to look elsewhere, when people look at you through our Facebook social media management for you.