Email Marketing Service

YCYL, the top digital marketing services company in India offers affordable and high quality email marketing services as part of its PPC service offerings to clientele across industry verticals and geographies. YCYL enables brands inform, convince and remind customers of product, service, event and pricing offers with a targeted and surgically precise message delivery. YCYL matches step with brands of corporate enterprises of diverse size and scale prototypes to offer professional and customized email marketing services that are aimed at augmenting the brand’s messaging and marketing communication through streamlined emailing campaigns.

Why Good Old Email Marketing Works for Brands?

Empirical evidence has it that a whopping 63% of internet users across the globe start their day with a check of their personal emails, meaning that marketing communication, brand messaging and transactional interactions sets the tone for their daily schedules and work routines.
The email is still the most preferred and used mode of both professional and personal communication, despite the surge in popularity of new age social media and break through immersive technologies in the function of content marketing and distribution, advertising and promotion. Over 75% of internet users across the world prefer email correspondence as the most trusted source of information for decision making on transactions.

YCYL Streamlines Brand Messaging with Email Marketing Campaigns.

YCYL, the top digital marketing and PPC service company in India offers professional email marketing campaign management to brands to drive brand messaging.
At YCYL, people with experience and expertise in technology and marketing communication come together to curate the customer experience of brands with professionally designed, customized and user friendly email templates that are strikingly beautiful and unique, so as to generate higher brand recall, brand activation and brand awareness.
The company adopts a process discipline based and agile marketing methodology to understand the scope, potential and objectives of the email marketing campaign, analyze traffic building measures for brands such as discount, new launch, corporate announcement) and your target audience, execute the email campaign from conception to commissioning with contemporary design and brand specific copy of marketing content, deploy cutting edge technology and tools to shoot emails at bulk to generate economies of scale and Track and monitor the email marketing campaign and give clients reports with details on open-rates, click-through rates, conversions etc.

Why Choose YCYL for Email Marketing Services?

As a top PPC company in India, YCYL has worked with the best in the business from different industry verticals and both professional and consumer brands of different value propositions. The company has designed and implemented successful marketing campaigns for brands with a credible track record of meeting targeted objectives, ensured that brands get maximum amount of publicity while mitigating risks of spamming and fundamental issues of consumer psychology in ignoring emails, and carved out well defined strategies to drive brand messaging with a laser focus on converting prospects into buyers.