Custom Development Service

YCYL is a custom web and applications development services company in India offering a complete suite of web and apps development services to clients across the globe. Custom development services of YCYL are based on agile software development methodology that emphasizes on adaptability. The custom development services of YCYL are premised on the paradigm of jugaad innovation (cost efficient innovation, courtesy IIM C, top business school in India) for local problem solving.

The Business Case for Custom Development Services

Our model of custom development services creates value for the clients' business.

We offer utility value creation to clients asking for functionality and performance in their business model for higher customer satisfaction.

We offer cost value to clients asking for cost reduction in business processes by elimination of obsolete steps in the business process map and thus higher financial returns.

We offer exchange value to clients asking for collaborative excellence in business processes involving a multitude of stakeholder groups like partners, suppliers, distributors and resellers.

We offer esteem value to clients asking for exclusive branded services of application development to build a distinct competitive advantage in the industry.

Our custom web application development services are based on installing a strategic fit with the template of business conditions that are specific to the client. We assess the extent to which the customized web application fits in with the business requirements of the client. Our web application development team collaborates with the business consulting team to develop custom web apps that are extensively customized to perfectly fit into the metrics of cost, functionality, and project delivery timelines and support services for installation and troubleshooting if required.

Why Choose YCYL for Custom Development Services?

YCYL offers solutions to the client challenges of process discipline, commoditization and economic feasibility. Our process of development of customized development initiates with a Web Applications Needs Analysis (WANA) based on the information shared by the client. This serves as the blue print for the strategic control of the complete custom development service project. A feasibility analysis of the custom requirement is conducted by the business consulting team to assess the alignment of business and technology goals of the client. Where ever required we offer insights to the client for cost rationalization, functionality enrichment or add-on features to consolidate the performance of the custom web app being envisaged. The clients get to supervise every step of the project and are informed on the evolution of developments in the project. The agile development methodology adopted by YCYL allows for customization of processes and tools, working methodology over complete documentation and client collaboration over transactional compliance and tactical solutions to changes over fixed plans to customize its custom development service offerings. Over the years YCYL has deployed proven assessment tools of the highest quality benchmarks, best custom development services team and process discipline that is a product of years of experience in handling big ticket projects for industry leading companies and cost value projects for micro, small and medium business enterprises (MSME) and start up firms.