CMS Development Service

YCYL, the leading web development company in India offers state of the art CMs development services that are cost effective, reliable and enriched with functionality, features and performance to support web based publishing, modification, upgrading and editing of content in websites. Being a complete digital marketing company we have attempted to create best in class content management systems that offer simple compute applications based on platforms like Wordpress for separation of the content from the container (presentation). This is done by classifying the development of the computer application into two parts namely: a content management application that enables an untrained user to feed content to the front end of the system, modify, add and delete content without the necessity of the intervention of the Webmaster and secondly a content delivery application that updates the content on to the website. As such this mode of CMS development service is widely in use for verticals like media, social networking, blogs, video blogs, picture blogs, scientific data applications, statistical data applications, entertainment, music and more. The web content that is uploaded on the CMS may vary from text, phone numbers, pictures, videos, graphics and more.

The Business Case for CMS Development

As a complete web development company in India we offer the best quality and affordable CMS development to clientele. The business case for using CMS development is based on the fact that it offers a vast range of features. These features are as stated below.

First CMS apps offer SEO friendly URLs and thus from the SEO perspective are easy to rank on the SERPs of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Second the CMS platform supports collaboration on editing and management of content and hence is great for team work for web based publishing. It finds great use in scientific R&D, corporate business analysis, statistical and economic research that requires the storage, editing and updating of huge amount of numeric data.

Third, the CMS development platform offers custom templates that can be changed and revised easily and hence can be managed by a user without the participation of the Webmaster.

Fourth it is easy to upgrade and install wizards using CMS. Also plug-ins may be added for custom add-on features.

Fifth, it is easy to do and hence takes less time in the development phase of the project.

Why Choose YCYL for CMS Development?

YCYL is a complete web development company in India and offers best quality web development services across a multitude of platforms. As such our CMS development service is aimed at offering a cost effective and collaborative web publishing platform for industrial and scientific use that relies on the division of content and container while aiding responsive design for SEO of the site. There is negligible scope and necessity to code from the scratch for CMS platforms and our developers can complete a CMS project by harnessing this technical feature in record time backed by the system that we have created for one time delivery of business projects. Our CMS web development services have been trusted by the best in the business.