Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising Service

YCYL, the top conversion rate optimization agency in India offers streamlined and high performance Amazon sponsored product advertising services to pure ecommerce brands and corporate enterprises that are keen to explore new avenues of business by adopting a click and mortar (CAM) business model. The leading PPC marketing services company in India enables ecommerce brands and CAM enterprises to leverage opportunities of advertising their existing product categories and new product launches, on the platform of ecommerce giant Amazon. The objective behind pursuing Amazon sponsored product advertising services is to show up on the manufacturer‘s pages or the first page of Google search, every time that a user uses keywords corresponding to the product category or product group of the ecommerce brand.

Advantage Amazon: Why Pursue Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising Services?

The unique selling proposition of Amazon as an ecommerce label is its rich content marketing model that allows brands to bid prices for advertising slots of keywords and get published on relevant pages. The Amazon model of ecommerce is backed by strong product listing optimization capabilities and dynamic features for content marketing. Users search products on Amazon’s platform. This creates opportunities for product manufacturers, ecommerce brands and CAM enterprises to enrol their brands of product groups and categories on Amazon to augment their search potential, generate qualified leads and convert those leads into closed sales.

How it Works? How YCYL Can Reinvent Online Sales Pipelines for Brands?

YCYL, the leading conversion rate optimization agency in India works with brands that seek to deploy Amazon sponsored product advertisements at affordable costs to enhance their customer outreach online by informing them of most searched products and thus, strategize on targeted advertising to users searching for products that the brands may offer. YCYL shares data insights on metrics to measure progress during the course of the campaign and navigate for course correction based on adjusted keywords and corresponding costs on a turnkey solution basis. Advertising strategies are designed and executed to keep client brands stay relevant in the competitive landscape and keep them viable by augmenting online sales revenue.

Why Choose YCYL for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads?

By leveraging the proven capabilities of YCYL, client brands stand first in the competition to win Amazon Buy Box ads by fulfilling eligibility criteria and qualifications such as high customer service ratings, diverse shipping options and curetting other determining factors.
Client brands get access to analytics and insights on keywords to accentuate return on investment and enhance customer trust by enrolling products in the Buy Box.
Client brands get the opportunity to position their products based on set Amazon algorithms and navigate near real time corresponding to algorithm updates for keywords, product research and sponsored advertisement publishing.